Friday, July 25, 2014

Poetry Friday

I am excited to see that there is a new Poetry Friday Anthology coming out. Syvia Vardell and Janet Wong shared their news and are hosting Poetry Friday at Poetry for Children.

I was lucky enough to attend #nErDCampMI again this year. While there I was able to go to a session about poetry led by Mary Lee Hahn. She was inspirational and shared many poetry resources, but she also had us do a little poetry writing. I am hoping to do more writing in the coming year. Here is one I have been rolling around in my head during my training runs the past week or so.

Summer Flirtation

As my feet pound the path
Nature woos me.
Butterflies kiss my legs and arms.
A frog in my way
  makes my heart skip a beat.
A sleek fox catches my eye.
Sweet bunnies melt my heart
  while the sun warms my skin.
A lake winks slyly from
  between the trees.
The breeze murmurs in my ear.
Birds sing their serenades.
I never run alone.


  1. Such a sweet sentiment! Where I live in central Florida, summer is never flirtatious, only hot and heavy.

    1. We have a few of those days too. ;) We have fluctuations though with temps anywhere from the 60s to the 90s. Today it's overcast and I am heading out for a run in the low 70s. Yay Wisconsin. I appreciate it now, just not as much in January.

  2. Hi, Crystal--I think maybe we go out to run and walk alone because we KNOW we're not alone. It's our date with nature! I just learned that #WeNeedDiverseBooks is a campaign started by the YA-writing mother of my daughter's classmate. Who knew?!

    1. I like the idea of a "date with nature." Cool that you know one of the founders of #WeNeedDiverseBooks. I love that campaign.

  3. You found the PERFECT last line for your lovely poem, Crystal! Do you really see so many creatures on your morning run? Amazing! (And how lucky you were to learn about poetry from Mary Lee Hahn, one of the best poetry teachers!)

    1. Thanks so much and I must confess that the creatures were from a couple of different runs. I kept seeing different critters and thought I should put them all in a poem.