Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yesterday as I watched tweets come through about what was happening in Connecticut, it became harder and harder to think about anything else. My heart was breaking for the many families wondering if their loved one was still alive. I cannot even imagine the pain they are feeling and will continue to feel. Anytime I even try to put myself in their place, I have to back off or start weeping again. I stayed away from the news for awhile today, but then checked again. Seeing the names and getting more news  stirs up the sadness again and some outrage too.

I don't know what the solution or answers might be to this situation. I don't know how we keep this from happening again. Stricter gun laws? Arming school staff? Improving mental health care? These are some of the things I saw bandied around today online.

So what do we do when we walk into our schools next week? I plan to love our students, do what we can to make them as safe as possible, help them process this, and trust that our society as a whole learns from this tragedy and works toward change.

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