Thursday, May 17, 2012

End of the Year Craziness

I feel like I am running in so many different directions that I am going to fly into pieces. I am fortunate enough to belong to a great staff that supports each other and is understanding as we negotiate schedules to fit in last minute author Skypes, public library presentations, and assorted activities.

I had so many plans, projects, and activities bubbling in my mind throughout the year and many of them happened, but there are also little dreams that never came to fruition. The end of the year is a bit stressful every year as I try to fit in just one more thing.

We had a great time with author Kate Messner yesterday. I will post some pics later. She did an awesome job with our third graders. Her writer's workshop was inspirational and very fun.

Next week my lunchtime book group will even get to Skype with Laurel Snyder about her book, Bigger Than a Breadbox. So we are still getting a few last hurrahs.  Hopefully, the students have learned a lot during our LMC time this year. I will have to sit down and reflect on the year and plan for the next. Maybe what I didn't get to this year can happen next year.

This year is especially stressful as our oldest child is graduating from high school. What an emotional roller coaster that has been. It is awesome to see him becoming an independent young man, but yikes, it is sad to say goodbye to his childhood. So off I go to his last choir concert of high school.


  1. I'm feeling the same craziness, and also share the appreciation of great co-workers. Don't worry about what you didn't accomplish on your wish list. What you have done has been fantastic!!!

  2. Thanks! It's definitely a group effort and a work in progress. It's been a good year.