Thursday, September 3, 2015

#MustReadin2015 - September Update

The fantastic Carrie Gelson organized a reading challenge to help herself and others whittle down the books on their To Be Read list/pile. My #MustReadin2015 list has 53 books on it and is housed on a Goodreads shelf

As of April 2, I had read 12/53. When we updated at the beginning of July, the total was up to 30/53. Now I've read a grand total of 41/53. This leaves only twelve more to go for the year. If I read three each month, it should be achievable. Does it count if I skimmed one of them? It was a professional development book and I don't think I am going to ever read every word on every page, but I will deal with that issue later. :)

Most of the ones I've read lately have been in an attempt to read all of the books that have been Pura Belpré honors and winners. There are only two left now, Spirits of the High Mesa and An Island Like You.  I'm hoping that our inter-library loan service comes through for me here since those titles are hard to find. By the way, I find the list difficult to read on the ALA website, but now I have a shelf with all of them there so you can see the titles that way too.

Here are my top ten #MustReadin2015 books so far this year:


Happy reading!


  1. You are motoring through that very long list! I am impressed!

  2. You're doing so well! 12 books for the rest of the year is totally doable!

  3. Great progress, Crystal! I LOVED Cirucs Mirandus and am typically averse to fantasy, but that one sucked me in.

    I haven't made tons of progress on my #mustread list, but you can check it out here:

    Happy reading!