Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Monday! What are you reading?

It's Monday! What are you reading? is a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys. Jen Vincent over at Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee Moye from Unleashing Readers decided to put a children's and YA spin on it and they invite anyone with an interest to join in. You can participate by creating your post then visit one of their sites to add your site. Finally, visit at least three participant blogs and comment to spread the love.

If you want to know more about what I am reading, visit me at my Goodreads shelfImages via Goodreads unless otherwise noted. 

The Past Week: 

First, I will address Pete the Cat. I loved the first three books. Adored them even. After that though, I am not a fan. They feel like they are trying to ride on his legacy at this point and I am not amused, plus they were just written better when Eric Litwin was writing. Draw! has amazing artwork and is a fantastic wordless book. I love it and will be getting a copy for our library. I was excited to finally get a copy of Ninja! (I noticed that I read two one word titles with exclamation points this week). Ninja! was just as funny as the wonderful trailer led me to believe. 

I enjoyed Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story and reviewed it for Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge. It's a good way to see history from a Lakota perspective.

I bought Nest on Saturday because I remembered seeing Donalyn tweet this:
I knew it must be interesting or she wouldn't have tweeted out that call for discussion.  I am in the middle of four books and am doing NaNoWriMo, so the last thing I needed to do was start another book, but I read the inside flap before I went to bed Saturday night and I was lost. I had to start the book. Once begun, I couldn't stop. Well, I stopped to sleep, then go have a yummy brunch with my daughter and a good friend, but after that, it was straight through all the way. Donalyn's correct. It does beg for discussion. Also, since there is spoiler potential, it can't just be discussed out in the open for all to see. Just know that it is a book that made me cry. It's a book that was difficult to put down. Esther Ehrlich touched me in many ways and Chirp (the main character) will be with me for a long time.

The Coming Week: 

Ack, these are still the same ones I was working on from last week. I am more than half-way through Wonderbook. I do enjoy much about it, especially the graphics, but sometimes the author is a bit too academic for me and a little dry. The information is good, but dense.  I really enjoy the guest articles and imagery to break things up. The others are on hold. I have misplaced Betsy-Tacy or would be much farther along with that one since it is audio, but the other two I simply haven't touched. I hope to get back at these this week. Have a great week of reading!


  1. I have to read Nest, but not looking forward to it. My students rarely ask for depressing books, at least of this type. At least you have Betsy-Tacy to raise your spirits this week! I may need to reread some of those over winter break.

  2. Now I really have to read Nest! Almost bought it this weekend but then told myself I couldn't possibly get to it before January anyway. Draw is one of my favorites of the year.

  3. Like Elisabeth said, you've got my interest for Nest piqued!! Thanks for including the trailer for Ninja. I had not seen it, but loved the book!

  4. Well now we all want to read Nest! :)
    I have wanted to read A Girl Called Problem for a long time, too. My To Read list is growing with each time I come to your blog!

  5. I am just about to begin Nest (tomorrow!) and can't wait. Especially after reading your post. I have to find Draw and Ninja now too! Oh you got me good with this post!