Friday, September 19, 2014

Poetry Friday

Amy is hosting Poetry Friday over at The Poem Farm today. Be sure to visit and explore the many wonderful poems and poetry related posts there. Here is my offering for the day. I wrote it this afternoon in response to my hurried week and this lovely book by Rana DiOrio that reminds me to be present.

A Lesson from My Dog

Hurry, hurry, hurry
What's the rush?
Trying, trying, trying
To fit it all in.

Sometimes I resent sleep.

Sleep keeps me
From reading all the books,
Writing all the stories,
Seeing all the places,
Connecting with all the people

Sleep, sleep, sleep
Is marvelous.
My exhausted body craves it
After the hurrying worrying days.

Today I crawled across the floor
To lay down with my dog.
My body thanked me
For being still.


  1. Oh yes...animals are so wise. Today I held my kitten on my lap, and my body thanked me too. This poem holds a good reminder. May your week ahead be full of goodness and some enjoyed-quiet too. Happy Poetry Friday...

  2. I love the ending, Crystal, & the reminder that the body does need rest (the brain, too). And thanks for reminding about this book. I looked, still on my list, but haven't found it yet. Nice to see you hear on Poetry Friday!

  3. "Sleep keeps me from connecting with all the people..." Love this lesson from your dog today and the reminder to be still.