Sunday, June 14, 2015


Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres has a link-up on weekends where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I love this reminder to celebrate every week.

My final day of work was Monday. I finished packing in the morning and then there was a lunch celebration for several of our teachers. One was retiring, one got married during the school year and one is getting married later this month. It was nice to end the year with such a happy time together.

This was also the week that we said goodbye to our Korean student. He had been living with us since last July so it was hard to send him home. It's an adjustment, but we know he was looking forward to seeing his friends and family. We hope that we made his year here a positive experience.

On Thursday, I had lunch with friends and then went by my school. We were told to go check and make sure that nothing was accidentally placed in with the sale items. I was glad that I stopped by otherwise some library speakers and a large tote of extension cords would likely have been sold in the auction yesterday. I also found this fantastic old typewriter on a shelf. Students are going to love using it.

Later on, I also found a book to go with it when we were in Minneapolis for the weekend. It's called The Lonely Typewriter. 

We were in the cities because a friend was getting married. We drove up a little early to have lunch and stop at Wild Rumpus. They had a fantastic window display. 

I think it said "Books can be our mirrors + windows. See yourself see each other." There were many inclusive books on display in the window with a few hanging mirrors. There were tons of inclusive books displayed throughout the store too. Yay Wild Rumpus! As usual, there were also entertaining animals wandering around the store. The fluffy chickens would fit right in with Sophie and her unusual chickens.

We were also able to visit Lake Harriet for a while before the wedding. It was a perfect day to sit and watch the water.

Finally, we got to share in the beautiful ceremony that united two lovely people in marriage. 

There was so much to love about their wedding. They even found a way to include their three rescue dogs. Lola, Doc, and Dudley were adorable walking down the aisle. 

There was so much to celebrate this week. Having time to spend with family and friends is a spectacular gift.


  1. Oh, it sounds like a perfect week, capped by a perfect weekend. I know you just read my post, and all those things were fun, but the week so filled. My weekend has been nicer, slower. Your Wild Rumpus store looks delightful. I love The Lonely Typewriter, still have my old Royal portable & have taken it in to let the students use it-so fun. Have a great next week, Crystal!

  2. What a find! The typewriter and the book!
    Creative display!
    Beautiful wedding!