Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review and Trailer: How to Behave at a Tea Party

Title: How to Behave at a Tea Party
Author: Madelyn Rosenberg
Illustrator: Heather Ross
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 32
Availability: On shelves now
Review Copy: Final copy provided by publisher

Julia's little brother doesn't know how to behave at a tea party. It's time that changed.

Julia will show Charles that slurping and burping are not allowed, that teacups are not building blocks, and that underwear does not count as a fancy hat.

Charles will teach Julia that tea parties sometimes require deep breaths, and welcoming unexpected guests, and that maybe--just maybe--there is more than one way to properly behave.

In this humorous and imaginative spin on the classic manners book, Madelyn Rosenberg and Heather Ross explore the joy and freedom that come when you keep an open mind.

Review: Frustration is something that we all experience. Often we feel it when reality doesn't match our expectations. Julia has certain expectations about a proper tea party, but her brother and his friends have envisioned something very different. This leads to some crazy antics at this unusual tea party. Readers will certainly be able to relate to Julia's need for many deep breaths.

How to Behave at a Tea Party is designed to bring laughter and smiles. Readers will ultimately see that party behavior varies and imagination can lead to a lot of fun.

The illustrator did a fantastic job with the character expressions. She also included many hilarious details like the frog drying himself off with a napkin after taking a dip in a tea cup. It may take a very slow reading or multiple times to catch all of the humor. I especially enjoyed watching Julia's hair become more and more frazzled as the party continued to spiral out of her control.

I know that my students will enjoy meeting Julia and her brother and I look forward to introducing them. How to Behave at a Tea Party would be fantastic on its own, but would also pair up well with both Molly Idle's Tea Rex and Ame Dyckman's Tea Party Rules.

If you want to know more about the book, view the trailer and/or visit the links below. Enjoy!

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