Saturday, February 1, 2014


Discover. Play. Build.

Ruth Ayres has a link-up on Saturdays where people link to posts that are celebrations about their week. I love this reminder to celebrate life.

Many of my celebrations revolve around the trip my husband and I took this weekend for our anniversary. Our anniversary was actually in August, but we wanted to be able to go skiing, so we planned this way back then.

One: We got to see many eagles and their nests up close as we traveled home along the Mississippi today.

Two: Though a bit cold, we had a beautiful, mostly sunny day on the ski hills at a place new to us. Every year we try to go skiing at least once at the local hill and I am happy that we were able to have a fantastic time without major falls. One minor fall did happen when two snowboarders launched me into a flip after they slid into me from up the hill. It was more amusing than anything else and nobody was injured so it ended well.

Three: We've been married for 23 years. That's definitely a huge celebration right there.

Four: I got to see some fantastic smiles when my first grade students used the Kodable app in school this week. So fun to see students excel with coding.

Five: My dog is sleeping at my feet now and was dancing with joy when we walked through the door. I love that he is always so excited to see me come home.

Six: I almost forgot - and I don't even know how I let it slip - books!!! I had such an awesome time this week with awards for books and Multicultural Children's Lit Day. We had "cold weather" days on Monday and Tuesday so I stayed home & watched the ALA Youth Media Awards and read books. Such wonderful fun. Then, when we got back to school, I was able to share award books with my students. It was a fantastic week of lovely literature.

I hope your week was full of celebrations.


  1. So lovely that you brought your quiet book joy from "cold weather" days into your school for happy celebration! Happy 23 years! Congratulations!