Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Learning

Image source Gerd Altmann

I just finished signing up for the American Indian Studies Summer Institute. I am pretty excited about learning how to be more culturally responsive and also learning more about the tribes here in Wisconsin. I will spend five days in Greshom, WI (better find out where that is) and then finish the course online.

Signing up for that class made me start thinking about all of the things I am doing this summer as a student in life. I am participating in Teachers Write throughout July and into August. I am having a wonderful time sharing and learning with a whole passel of educators as we stretch ourselves as writers.

Of course #Titletalk hosted by the fabulous duo of Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp is still going on during the summer and I can't wait to talk about fantasy books this coming Sunday.

I am over the moon excited about nErDCampBC next week! I will get to meet so many Nerdybookclub members in person! Of course we will also get to share about literature and technology too.

It's not as flashy, but I am also learning about the Common Core this summer. I am part of a district team working on curriculum and resource choices. It is a lot of responsibility and work, but we are also becoming better teachers as we go.

I am also getting to READ! I love that part of summer. I am reading for blogging at Rich in Color, for #summerthrowdown and even for #bookbootcamp (though I don't teach at a middle school).

What learning opportunities are you a part of this summer?

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