Monday, August 15, 2011

E-Reader Fun

Today I had the opportunity to learn more about my new NookColors and how to use them effectively in school.  Jen Malphy is doing an excellent job teaching all about e-readers.  It was really helpful and I finally got a lot of questions answered.  She has a ton of great resources on her ereadersintheclassroom wiki.

I was not really sure if I would enjoy reading this way, but I am definitely getting used to it.  One night awhile back I needed to sit waiting alone for a long time and I looked all over my car for a book.  I figured I was out of luck, but suddenly realized I had about 40 books in my backseat in the Nook.  Fabulous "Duh!" moment.  So far I have read several picture books and two full length novels and it is starting to feel natural to hold this funny device.  I don't really think I will ever completely lose my love for paper books, but I am enjoying the e-readers and really look forward to using them with my students.  I think they will love reading on them and creating books to put on them.  I can't wait to get started!

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